AGCO issues a punishment to DraftKings for advertising violations by Ralph Trayfalgar As of the 14th of April, 2023

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has issued a punishment to gaming provider DraftKings for breaking the province’s advertising laws.


A Notice of Monetary Penalty in the amount of C$100,000 was issued to the sports betting company last week.


DraftKings reportedly broke AGCO’s Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gambling when it promoted odds increases in TV and social media commercials during the NHL playoffs. Advertising “gambling inducements” such as casino bonuses was prohibited by these guidelines unless the player was already a registered user of the site and had given their express permission to receive such targeted advertising.


The company said it had stopped the bonus payments as soon as it found out about the infractions, and it reaffirmed its commitment to operating in accordance with all relevant laws and rules going forward.


In response to the penalties, AGCO CEO Tom Mungham said, “The AGCO will continue to monitor the activities of all registered operators and hold them to high standards of responsible gambling,

player protection, and game integrity.” For the sake of the public, we must check that they are in compliance with the Standards and the Ontario Gaming Control Act.


DraftKings is hardly the first business to have received a sanction from the AGCO. BetMGM and PointsBet have been fined by the Ontario iGaming authority since the market opened on April 4, 2022, due to violations of the rules governing advertising.






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